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Ducati World Simulators: when dreams merge into reality

Eight real bikes, latest generation graphics, sophisticated technology,
immersive experiences for an exciting guide to live all in one breath

Tear up, brake, accelerate, set chicane, shift gears and choose how much to delay braking. Feel the emotion to ride a real bike: roaring bolides that bend, vibrate and paw as the asphalt runs in front of you. An electrifying race where you won’t be able to take your eyes off the track, testing up your limits on two wheels. This is the terrific experience offered by Ducati World simulators, hosted in the Experience Building: eight stations that can transform you into a real pilot. Different environments and scenarios, in daytime and at night, in which you become the master of the road.

To experience the thrill of riding 221cv and feeling the adrenaline of tightening the handlebars of a Panigale V4R, a ride on the Motion Sphere is indispensable: the two latest generation simulators for a three-dimensional professional guide. Extremely sophisticated devices, highly innovative technology and mechanics for a totally immersive experience, thanks to their enveloping sound effects and to wind tunnel to simulate the  most realistic sensation of the wind on your skin. Manufacturer of these simulators is the homonymous global company Motion Sphere, which since 2014 has operated on the markets of the United States, Brazil and Europe. The breathtaking realism of video images is instead work’s result of Milestone (Milan, Italy), one of the most historic and successful publishers in the world of racing titles, which faithfully reproduces environments and track details, for truly memorable gaming sessions, thanks to aerofotogrammetry and drone-scanning.

Two Monster 1200 R, two Diavel Carbon and two 1299 Panigale R Final Editions are the racing cars on which visitors can experience the thrill of sporty driving, with a ride on the other six simulators made by E6lab. E6Lab is a French company specialized in the design of mechanical hardware and robot systems. Strong of a great expertise in industrial activities for nuclear and military processes, E6Lab has created the Ellip6 brand specialized in simulation and leisure activities. Ellip6 has established itself as a point of reference for the ‘6DOF motion’ (or the movement in three-dimensional space) in the context of the simulators of running experiences, flight, etc. Just for Ducati World “Ellip6” has developed an exceptional DOF “6 + 2” motorcycle simulator that offers an extraordinary driving feeling.