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Ducati World comes to life

Symbol of a new world that takes shape, today the first stone of the Ducati World is laid. Mirabilandia opens its doors to journalists, professionals, photographers and reporters to attend the most important moment of the project, the one that sanctions the start of construction site.

This special day includes closed-door conferences, interviews, and moments of sharing between the involved companies, in which Jesùs Fernàndez Moràn (ParquesReunidos CEO), Riccardo Marcante (Mirabilandia General Manager), Marco Melandri (MotoGP) and Andrea Dovizioso (WorldSBK), Claudio Domenicali (Ducati CEO) and Andrea Corsini (Emilia-Romagna Region  Council member for Tourism and Commerce) participate.

What has been said:

RICCARDO MARCANTE: “Yesterday we celebrated Mirabilandia’s 26th birthday and today we lay the foundation stone of the most important investment ever made in Mirabilandia in the course of its history. With Ducati World we will make a real revolution. We expect huge numbers. Parques Reunidos is present on 4 continents, with 60 parks in the world: we are not present only in Africa. We are an absolutely global player. And Mirabilandia is the jewel of our crown. Last year we recorded about 1.5 million admissions and in 2018 will be more, with new attractions that we have inaugurated. The partnership with Ducati for Ducati World is at the highest level possible. The new large area of ​​35 thousand square meters dedicated to engines will totally change the northern area of ​​the park. We will have an avant-garde building dedicated to high technology, fun and popularization, and four attractions dedicated to both children and adults. In particular, for adults there will be the Roller Coaster for the Superbike Race with two tracks of 550 meters each, with the possibility of having 12 units and 24 people on the track at the same time. Each of them can experience the exciting experience of a real motorcycle race. With Ducati World Mirabilandia will make another leap, it will become a European A-range park.”

ANDREA DOVIZIOSO: “I can’t wait to try new attractions. It will certainly be an experience full of adrenaline, like almost all the things Ducati does.

JESÚS FERNÁNDEZ MORÁN: “Mirabilandia is the second largest park in Italy and the second among Parques Reunidos’ sixty parks in the world. With Ducati World we will make a big leap in quality and we expect many visitors from Italy and the world. It will become a park dedicated to the passion for motorcycles, but not only fun: there will also be technology, history, knowledge of this fascinating discipline.

CLAUDIO DOMENICALI: “Ducati is a growing and winning global brand. Last year we won six races, this year already three. In 2017 we sold 56 thousand motorcycles worldwide. But we are not just motorcycle manufacturers. We cultivate passions and pursue emotions. Our partnership with Mirabilandia is positioning in this context, hosted in a extraordinary land that is Emilia-Romagna.

ANDREA CORSINI: “This is a special day for an extraordinary region, Emilia-Romagna, as Domenicali said. Our region – thanks to its excellence – last year registered 57 million tourists and this year, after 5 months, we are still growing. It is thanks to these collaborations at the highest level between companies and excellent experiences such as Mirabilandia and Ducati that we can make our region, our tourist offer and this destination even more attractive.

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